Saturday, August 15, 2009

The frustration that may lead to a book.

It has recently occurred to me that I should keep track of my experiences, emotions, thoughts, etc. every time I go shopping.

Why is this, you ask? I think it's because I have such a hard time struggling with greed and discontent every time I walk into a retail store. There's always something I end up wanting.

I posted a while ago about possibly writing a book about fashion and Christianity. That idea is rolling around in my head again.

But I'm not sure I want to talk about Christianity, or if I should just aim for pointing out the flaws in today's materialistic society and how it screws with people's psyches.

I'd appreciate feedback about this idea; do you think it would be of interest to some people? Maybe sell a few copies?


  1. I think it would have to balance itself with Christian aesthetic responsibility and hospitality. If the book/essay could examine materialism AND those things, it would be a really interesting read.
    What about making it a journal article and getting it published in a regional periodical?

  2. I think it sounds like a great idea - something I have thought about/struggled with too. Something that would raise questions and open up discussion in Christian communities would be really great. I feel like we get preached at about materialism and how its bad, but we aren't really told how to deal with it, or where to set a line. Obviously we have to buy things. Sometimes Christian communities make it seem like that in itself is the problem (the buying things) but the problem is deeper, and the materialism thing is seemingly impossible to get away from sometimes.
    Not sure if this is that helpful for you, but basically, yes - I think it sounds like a great and interesting idea. I would read it :)

  3. I like the idea of a book about Christianity and fashion. There are so many different directions you could take the book--Katie's suggestion of discussing materialism, present-day fashion, modesty, etc. Go for it.

  4. I wouldn't be too thrilled to pick up a book that points out "the flaws in today's materialistic society and how it screws with people's psyches," unless you also presented how we got there and/or what we can do from it, pointing out responsible and compassionate businesses that are turning the tide.
    I WOULD read about Christians in the fashion industry though - I met some fashion students in Canada and had great conversations with them.


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