Monday, December 14, 2009

The broken record vs. the Grammy-winning album.

It's time for an update.

I act like my life is so busy and that I don't have time to write. I really do have plenty of time on my hands; I just don't handle it correctly. Does this mean that I don't want to write anymore? Am I even a writer anymore?

What I need to do is start carrying some sort of a journal or small notebook and write down whatever random thought comes to my mind. Maybe that will keep me actively writing.

Part of the problem I honestly believe is that I sit at a desk for eight hours a day and grade other people's writing, and I think by the end of the day I'm sick of writing corrections for those writings. I don't feel like starting my own pieces for someone else to critique and therefore put them in a similar, stale spiral that I'm currently in.

What I really need to do is learn to handle my time better.

However, there is hope. I am slowly doing little things more and more often during the day that show that I'm not just coming home and becoming a couch potato in front of a grossly addicting TV show (which still happens, but not as regularly). For example, I went shopping on Saturday with a few of my girlfriends and I literally got 2/3 of my Christmas shopping done.

Right, so that wasn't a work day.

Anyway, I do honestly get things done after a day at work. Today, for example, I started packing a few more things, cleaned up just a little bit around the house, and also wrapped all of Nick's Christmas gifts. So I do get things done. Yay for me.

How many times have I said, "I think I'll start to write more tomorrow"? I sound like a broken record.

What I need to aim for is not sounding like a broken record, but like a Grammy award-winning album. Or a New York Times bestseller. Because that is honestly what I'm worth if I put my mind to it. Boost that self-esteem!

I have some good ideas rolling around in my brain. I think I can do it. I know I can do it.
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