Monday, July 20, 2009

The catching-up.

It's been a while, and that's definitely my fault.

But it's not all a bad fault. I started a new job this past week, and that always excites and drains you at the same time. At least, it usually does me.

I also happened to have a few serious discussions with the husband about our future, and so far he has changed his mind and is up for moving to South Korea to teach English, but he'd still prefer a Central or South American country so we can improve our Spanish at the same time, which I actually tend to agree with.

In addition, I've been getting lots of wife-y duties done, like cleaning the house, organizing paperwork, and trying to train myself to make regular meals. I also found a makeup routine that works for me. Huzzah.

See? Not all my fault.

What is my fault is not figuring out what I can for Katie and my tutoring business. Despite all the time I've had to myself this past month being unemployed, I still haven't touched our business plan or anything like that. And Katie is back from her honeymoon on Tuesday. My bad.

That makes me wonder: how dedicated to the idea of tutoring am I, or am I just in it for the money it will rake in?

At least I'm writing again. I have been reading a lot these past few nights, but not writing, and it definitely feels good to get back into the swing of things. What I should really do tomorrow night before work again on Tuesday is take the eLance "test" you have to pass before you can be an "approved" eLancer. Then I may actually be able to get writing jobs.
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Thursday, July 9, 2009

The make-up and dark circles.

For a while now, I've wanted to blog about my daily make-up routine. Don't ask me why, and don't make fun of me. I'm quite proud that I've learned how to apply and match make-up well to my personal skin tones, but it's a skill that's taken quite a while to develop: around 8 or 9 years, to be exact. I started wearing your basic concealer and mascara around 7th grade. I'm now a college graduate.

I suppose I also want to blog about make-up because I have recently started looking into easier, faster, better ways of covering the dark circles under my eyes. I am cursed with the truth that my dark circles are actually hereditary, and cannot be fully cured with any medication or cream... ever. It's such a wonderful feeling when people see you without make-up on and ask if you got enough sleep the night before.

Every morning I use Neutrogena's Radiance Boost Eye Cream, and it tends to tone down the darkness some, but only a little. I put used tea bags on my eyes some nights, too, because the leaves and herbs actually help reduce darkness and puffiness, as well. Other than that, I tend to just put on my foundation, then concealer, then powder. Although with what I've been reading on the Internet, I should try putting the concealer on under the foundation, and then add more concealer on top. Or rather, I should try putting color correcter on under foundation, which means I have to choose a color to use for correction.

So in the morning, when I get decent sleep, I have to study the bags under my eyes and determine what "shade" they are: blue, purple, brown, or red, or some combination of the four. Once I've decided on the lovely color my bags are, I have to buy the matching color corrector with the right hue: orange/salmon for blue, yellow for purple, blue/mauve for brown, and olive for red. I tend to think my eyes are a bit purple and red, but I'll confirm this tomorrow.

After this, I have to experiment with my corrector, concealer, foundation, and powder, and figure out what is the best way to apply all of them. In addition, I think I need to buy a new concealer, because mine always cakes up on my face.

All that I've read on this topic on the Internet, or any make-up topics for that matter, mention buying expensive brands for correctors and other make-up. The thing is, I am a normal, middle-class woman who wants to keep her spending under control, and who also thinks that you do not need to always have name-brand items in order to produce the same results. I do believe, however, that you should steer clear of the cheapest products, as many of these are just made poorly and have bad consequences if you dare to spend money on them. So what I need to do is find a few good products that work on my skin, without spending too much money or having the products irritate my skin and acne.

This, my friends, is the most daunting task. Finding, buying, and experimenting with different products and different brands. I hate it; I feel like I am gambling, hoping that this time this brand will work on my face and that my face won't react and break out.

Wish me luck.
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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The goal to start writing more.

So I think I need to keep writing more.

After a great night at the bar with my good friend Alvin, I believe I need to start writing more, and start freelancing, and do whatever the hell else I can do in order to become a better and even published writer.

This decision has little to do with the influence of alcohol; I have in fact been thinking of doing this for a while now. I always thought it'd be rewarding (if not hard at first) to be a freelance writer. I've heard and gotten encouragement from many people that freelancing is a great option for me at this point. Random paychecks with some great experience.

I've always wanted to write since I was a kid. I didn't know exactly what I wanted to write, or when, or how, but I always knew I wanted to write something good (and by good, I meant somewhat popular or at least well-received), and I wanted to write for the rest of my life. I'm assuming freelancing is going to be a step in the right direction for this goal.

So the next step is making sure I start my tutoring business with Katie, and then figuring out my personal schedule from there, and working during my "free time" to write and submit my writing to various papers, magazines, journals, etc.

Anyone have any suggestions? I'm open to ideas.
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Monday, July 6, 2009

The weekend.

I am back. But I really don't have too much to say.

I had a very fun weekend. I'm sure you don't want to sit here and read about what happened first, and next, and oh, then after that this crazy thing happened. Instead, I'll give you a quick summary, instead of droning on and on as I usually do in these posts. This is what my trip boiled down to:

1. Slept in on Saturday morning
2. Jet-skied and swam on Saturday afternoon/evening
3. Drank wine, lit off fireworks, roasted S'mores Saturday night
4. Slept in on Sunday morning
5. Spent an extra hour in bed with Nick snuggling and dozing
6. Went on the boat and tried water-skiing, failing miserably, on Sunday afternoon
7. Did some more jet-skiing, followed friends in the boat as they went tubing, Nick almost crashed into the boat and to save us turned the jet-ski and we flipped off, I lost my favorite and only pair of sunglasses, I got super-pissed at him and went back to the lakehouse to shower and cool down, all on Sunday afternoon/evening
8. Left the lake house around 7 p.m. on Sunday night, got home at 1 a.m. on Monday

Oh, I forgot. We both got sunburnt on our shoulders and arms, and we are also both very, very stiff and aching from too much falling-off and jet-skiing. It was painful to even get into bed.

However, I can't complain too much. Nick and I had some much-needed alone time, as well as relaxing and having fun.

On another note, I found the perfect shower curtain for our bathroom!

Beautiful, isn't it? Thank you, Bed Bath and Beyond. You're genius.
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Friday, July 3, 2009

The reason I won't write for a few days.

I will not be posting for the next several days, probably not until Monday. The reason is because I'm going on vacation to a lake house that doesn't yet have wireless Internet installed.

This is not an excuse not to write, because I plan to blog each night and save my blogs and then upload them here later, or at least write a very long blog on Monday. I will divulge all the crazy, fun, exciting, wish-you-were-here-at-the-lake-house-for-Fourth-of-July-fireworks experiences that happen to Nick and I.

So, until then, cheers.
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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The curse of interior design.

So I had an idea for a very elegant, very regal-feeling bathroom when Nick and I got engaged and registered for our bathroom towels and accessories. I never got a shower curtain to match the purple, cream, and bronze colors we chose. And I thought those colors would be easy to match and find a curtain for, but I was sorely mistaken.

I thought I found one I liked online, and when I went to the store that held it, I found it there but it was darker than it appeared online. I went back and grabbed another one, but then I realized that it was already the colors of my living room rather than the bathroom. Then I talked to Nick and realized he had hoped one of the rooms in our apartment would be modern, and all my ideas shattered.

I am not opposed to the idea of a modern bathroom, but it's hard to find modern shower curtains in the same colors as purple, cream, and bronze. Most modern colors are blues, greens, and oranges. Blues are out of the question, as our bedroom is blue. Greens, as I already noted are out of the question, as well. Oranges are acceptable, if only I could find a shade that matches the purple well enough.

I am working my very hardest to find a shower curtain that works. And this is my ridiculous obsession for the past several weeks. Sometimes it is a curse to have such a creative, interior design mind. I thank my mom for the inheritance of such a mind, but sometimes I wish I didn't have it, as mixing perfectionism and interior design often leads to long, stressful decisions about home decorating that inevitably cut my life short by a few years every time I deliberate.

I apologize for anyone who suffered through reading this, but I had to write something, as I've been missing the past few days. I suppose the post is humorous in a sense, but I believe it's ultimately just pathetic.
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