Sunday, January 16, 2011

The one where I'm back...

So I'm back. For how long, that's yet to be determined (as usual, right?).

There's a lot of new events going on in my life. Nick and I got a loan for the repairs for our basement, which has yet to be fixed. We are debating adopting our friend's cat when he leaves. I have been unofficially diagnosed with Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). My dear friend Abby Hayes and I are going to start a natural/healthy beauty and makeup website. This past weekend was the 5th annual Prairie Grass 48-Hour Film Challenge, in which I participated for a fourth year. I'm trying to write more. Nick and I are looking into moving to Colorado in two years. The job is not what I want to do but it pays well and is treating me much better than last year, so I actually don't dread going to work anymore.

And this is where God is teaching me patience. I really don't like Iowa; in fact, the honest way I'd describe living here is that I despise it overall. Besides my friends and the prices, this state holds nothing for my future (no, not everyone wants to raise their kids here). However, I have been so discontent and antsy the last year and a half that I finally realized that God is probably trying to tell me something. I've only been really paying attention for the last two months or so, but I am getting an inkling that God wants me to be patient. He basically said, "Who needs kids? There's Iowa for Miss Bree."

And that's where I'm at. If I happen to be interpreting things incorrectly, at least I'm still looking for patience and contentment.
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