Monday, March 8, 2010

The choice of Facebook friends.

No, this is not going to be about who you do and do not add to your "friends" list on Facebook. This post is going to present in very short detail the topics that some of my friends and family on Facebook suggested I write about in my next blog. Ready for some completely unrelated topics? Here we go.

Suggestion #1 from Sarah: My experience at Oxford!
Unfortunately, this would take far too long to even fit into one blog post. That's why Sarah has been writing many blog posts about her Oxford experience; you should know better, Sarah. Shame on you.
But seriously, I do hope to someday compile my thoughts on and experiences in Oxford into a memoir-type essay/book. I kept a diary for the majority of the time I was there, and what I didn't write down can be replaced by memories from pictures and all the contact I still have with friends I made while there. Cheers to Oxford.

Suggestion #2 from Alvin: Whether God can help but reveal himself... or herself.
I think this would need a lot more clarification in order for me to write about it. I have several questions running around in my head right now. For example, what do you mean by "reveal?" Is this supposed to be some joke about God exposing himself, or is it actually a serious proposal in regards to how God's presence can be seen in even the smallest of things?
Maybe it's a joke, because I don't buy the "herself" part.

Suggestion #3 from Morgan: SHOES =)
Ah, now if I started to write about shoes, I don't think many people would enjoy it as I neither wax philosophical about them nor do I claim to be a fashion expert whose advice should be heeded. I do, however, adore shoes to the level that only fellow shoe-lovers would understand. I think the word "shoe-gasm" says it all.

Suggestion #4 from Jesse: Write me a short script featuring romance and violence and a philosophical theme within a rural farm-town setting.
Hmm. Now this may have some potential, seeing as how if I won't wax philosophical about shoes I may be able to do so in a script about romance and violence and a rural farm town... except for the fact that this idea would definitely take longer than one blog post. However, it sounds an awful lot like my life already, minus the violence, of course, so that's probably even more incentive to write it... eventually. :)

Suggestion #5 from Mike: Write a romance novel about people living like pirates in an underground cove, but its Truman Show style, so they're constantly being watched. Also, they're robots. And they're in Disney World.
But they're in LOVE, damn it!
I think you pretty much gave me the perfect way to end this blog, Mike.
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