Sunday, January 16, 2011

The one where I'm back...

So I'm back. For how long, that's yet to be determined (as usual, right?).

There's a lot of new events going on in my life. Nick and I got a loan for the repairs for our basement, which has yet to be fixed. We are debating adopting our friend's cat when he leaves. I have been unofficially diagnosed with Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). My dear friend Abby Hayes and I are going to start a natural/healthy beauty and makeup website. This past weekend was the 5th annual Prairie Grass 48-Hour Film Challenge, in which I participated for a fourth year. I'm trying to write more. Nick and I are looking into moving to Colorado in two years. The job is not what I want to do but it pays well and is treating me much better than last year, so I actually don't dread going to work anymore.

And this is where God is teaching me patience. I really don't like Iowa; in fact, the honest way I'd describe living here is that I despise it overall. Besides my friends and the prices, this state holds nothing for my future (no, not everyone wants to raise their kids here). However, I have been so discontent and antsy the last year and a half that I finally realized that God is probably trying to tell me something. I've only been really paying attention for the last two months or so, but I am getting an inkling that God wants me to be patient. He basically said, "Who needs kids? There's Iowa for Miss Bree."

And that's where I'm at. If I happen to be interpreting things incorrectly, at least I'm still looking for patience and contentment.

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  1. Glad to see you blogging again. Just so you know, the rest of the state is not like the northwest corner. Des Moines, Cedar Rapids, and the Quad Cities all hold a much different mindset overall and offer many different opportunities. Not saying you should move here, or anything. Just that we too, couldn't move back to the Sioux Center area probably...ever. And we grew up there. So I know what you mean. I can only imagine it is difficult for you there, without your families, the yucky cold weather, etc. Hope we can hang out with you guys when we (ever) get back up there again.


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