Monday, July 20, 2009

The catching-up.

It's been a while, and that's definitely my fault.

But it's not all a bad fault. I started a new job this past week, and that always excites and drains you at the same time. At least, it usually does me.

I also happened to have a few serious discussions with the husband about our future, and so far he has changed his mind and is up for moving to South Korea to teach English, but he'd still prefer a Central or South American country so we can improve our Spanish at the same time, which I actually tend to agree with.

In addition, I've been getting lots of wife-y duties done, like cleaning the house, organizing paperwork, and trying to train myself to make regular meals. I also found a makeup routine that works for me. Huzzah.

See? Not all my fault.

What is my fault is not figuring out what I can for Katie and my tutoring business. Despite all the time I've had to myself this past month being unemployed, I still haven't touched our business plan or anything like that. And Katie is back from her honeymoon on Tuesday. My bad.

That makes me wonder: how dedicated to the idea of tutoring am I, or am I just in it for the money it will rake in?

At least I'm writing again. I have been reading a lot these past few nights, but not writing, and it definitely feels good to get back into the swing of things. What I should really do tomorrow night before work again on Tuesday is take the eLance "test" you have to pass before you can be an "approved" eLancer. Then I may actually be able to get writing jobs.


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