Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The goal to start writing more.

So I think I need to keep writing more.

After a great night at the bar with my good friend Alvin, I believe I need to start writing more, and start freelancing, and do whatever the hell else I can do in order to become a better and even published writer.

This decision has little to do with the influence of alcohol; I have in fact been thinking of doing this for a while now. I always thought it'd be rewarding (if not hard at first) to be a freelance writer. I've heard and gotten encouragement from many people that freelancing is a great option for me at this point. Random paychecks with some great experience.

I've always wanted to write since I was a kid. I didn't know exactly what I wanted to write, or when, or how, but I always knew I wanted to write something good (and by good, I meant somewhat popular or at least well-received), and I wanted to write for the rest of my life. I'm assuming freelancing is going to be a step in the right direction for this goal.

So the next step is making sure I start my tutoring business with Katie, and then figuring out my personal schedule from there, and working during my "free time" to write and submit my writing to various papers, magazines, journals, etc.

Anyone have any suggestions? I'm open to ideas.

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  1. here are some sites i've heard of people using that might help you start freelancing online:

    I'm not sure if any of them have fees, but they are worth checking out and may help you build a profile. I hope this helps!


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