Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The curse of interior design.

So I had an idea for a very elegant, very regal-feeling bathroom when Nick and I got engaged and registered for our bathroom towels and accessories. I never got a shower curtain to match the purple, cream, and bronze colors we chose. And I thought those colors would be easy to match and find a curtain for, but I was sorely mistaken.

I thought I found one I liked online, and when I went to the store that held it, I found it there but it was darker than it appeared online. I went back and grabbed another one, but then I realized that it was already the colors of my living room rather than the bathroom. Then I talked to Nick and realized he had hoped one of the rooms in our apartment would be modern, and all my ideas shattered.

I am not opposed to the idea of a modern bathroom, but it's hard to find modern shower curtains in the same colors as purple, cream, and bronze. Most modern colors are blues, greens, and oranges. Blues are out of the question, as our bedroom is blue. Greens, as I already noted are out of the question, as well. Oranges are acceptable, if only I could find a shade that matches the purple well enough.

I am working my very hardest to find a shower curtain that works. And this is my ridiculous obsession for the past several weeks. Sometimes it is a curse to have such a creative, interior design mind. I thank my mom for the inheritance of such a mind, but sometimes I wish I didn't have it, as mixing perfectionism and interior design often leads to long, stressful decisions about home decorating that inevitably cut my life short by a few years every time I deliberate.

I apologize for anyone who suffered through reading this, but I had to write something, as I've been missing the past few days. I suppose the post is humorous in a sense, but I believe it's ultimately just pathetic.


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