Saturday, June 13, 2009

The impressions change.

I've only been watching The Legend of Bagger Vance for about 15 minutes now, and I used to have other thoughts about Charlize Theron.

Sadly, I shouldn't have judged Charlize Theron from the singular movie I'd seen her in before this movie, which was Italian Job. I'd heard she was a good actress, but I'd also heard a lot of people don't like her, and maybe something about her being a slut was mixed in there with all the opinions. Whatever it was, I had this odd feeling about her, like she wasn't real. I thought her acting was sort of forced after watching her in Italian Job.

However, my thoughts about Charlize Theron did a quick 360 within the first 15 minutes of Vance. In fact, I am currently sitting here watching her "seduction" scene of Junuh and I am quite impressed with her facial expressions, her tone and inflection, her delivery of lines, her ability to do the Southern accent, and her presentation of a Southern Belle. I've wanted to watch Monster and Aeon Flux for a while, but now I'm rather determined to watch both.

Wow. I just imdbeed Charlize Theron and totally forgot I she was in Mighty Joe Young. I adored that movie when I was younger. Now I remember her; she wasn't bad in that movie, but it was indeed a rather Disney-esque story.

The reason I'm posting about Charlize Theron is not only because I'm watching Bagger Vance, but because my mind is again not creative at this point and time of the night to write a substantial blog post. I've come to a realization about this, though, something I've already shared with some of my friends: I'm pretty sure my "inspirational" and "flowing" writing moments only happen very late at night/early morning (such as 3 a.m.), or in the late afternoon (from 2-5 p.m.).

Unfortunately, it is currently neither of these two peak times, so I am just writing what I can before this day is over, which will be in three minutes, according to my clock. I wouldn't worry about it now except I'm forcing myself to blog every day to try to improve my writing. Maybe tomorrow, I will indeed write during one of my two peak times. Wish me luck.


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