Sunday, October 4, 2009

The eBay obsession.

I feel utterly addicted sometimes.

And not to something one would normally consider "wrong" or "sinful." I am often addicted to eBay, which is the case now.

I have bid on at least 20 items in the last month, and though I have won only a few of those items, I realize that I probably do not need to be buying these items. However, my "business" brain is trying to convince me that I do, in order to complete or enhance my previous collections. For example, I have recently completed my entire collection of Galoob brand dolls from the 1997 animated movie Anastasia, all because I finally found the last doll I needed. In addition, I have bought the Rose DeWitt Bukater doll from Titanic that I have wanted for several years now, which I can add to my "other" collection of dolls.

The reason I want complete or improved collections is so I can sell them back on eBay to raise money for Nick and I, should we decide to go to Spain or send me to graduate school, or even to simply move to Colorado. So in that sense, these purchases are really an investment for my future.

At this point, however, I probably just need to restrain myself from going and buying everything I've ever wanted off of eBay. Confound that blasted auction site.


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