Friday, October 23, 2009

The quest for more funding.

And by funding I mean "money to help us start a life together."

Not that we're suffering, but unless Nick's interview at my place of employment doesn't pan out like we hoped it would, I'll need to decide whether or not to start going to work all day on Fridays, or whether or not it's still more important for me to stay home on Fridays to clean, run errands, prepare for the next week, etc.

I'd like to get my accounts going on and so I could work on freelance writing on Fridays, and I'd like to start an account on so I can sell home-made goods. Unfortunately, I only have one or two ideas for "home-made goods."

As a youngster, I was very much into origami. I mentioned this to my co-worker, and she believes I should make origami pieces that could sell, such as mini origami earrings and origami flower candy dishes for themed parties. I've received such advice in the past, when I was doing the folding art as a hobby, but I never put much thought into it because my needs were taken care of by my mom.

Of course, things have changed a bit now.

I believe the origami idea may work, but I think I may need another idea or two to keep my existence alive and worthwhile. So what I'd like to ask my devoted readers is this: from what you know of and about me, what do you think I could make well and sell for a decent price on

Any and all suggestions will be listened to, but maybe not necessarily implemented.

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  1. Hey, just found your blog... it's taken me awhile! Anyway, what about doing packages for sale. Like a newlywed started kit with origami related item, welcome book for their new home, picture frame with a Bible verse on it, etc. Or a baby shower pack. I dunno, may be easier to sell as a set for something specific. Good luck! I'm trying to find a niche as well. It's not working too well. :(


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